Investing in a better Blackpool

I know that some people and businesses are voicing their concerns about the volume of roadworks that are being undertaken in our town. People are annoyed about disruption to their journeys as they head to school, work or want to spend a day shopping.

I understand that frustration. However, I would like to say that despite huge cuts to the council’s budget over the last few years we are committed to moving forward with a dynamic and vibrant vision for the future of our town. We want to improve the town as a whole and are ‘thinking big’ so that it can stand on its own two feet in the years to come.

The only way that we can survive and create a town that is great to live in and work is by being entrepreneurial; investing in our infrastructure, people and businesses to generate our own income, instead of relying on reduced government grants.

Investment in Blackpool is absolutely crucial to create jobs, boost visitor numbers and make it a more modern and attractive place to live.

Look around our town and you will see big changes happening and it’s all about ‘making Blackpool Better’ for all our residents, businesses, shoppers and visitors.

Numerous big construction projects are underway that are giving people work, creating new jobs for locals and helping revitalise areas of the town and drive forward our economy. We have also worked hard to secure additional funding from both the government and other bodies to deliver significant infrastructure transformation.

Exciting projects including the extension of the tramway from North Pier to Blackpool North Station, upgrading roads and creating modern streets, building a new 21st century conference centre and extending Houndshill Shopping Centre. These are just some of the huge investments that will transform Blackpool into a town that we can be proud of and help it thrive.

Votes of confidence in the future of Blackpool can also be seen in the construction of the £20m 131 room Hampton by Hilton complex near to the Pleasure Beach and the multi-million pound Sands Hotel, both private investment schemes.

All of these projects are not only safeguarding and generating jobs, new builds such as the Winter Garden conference centre promise to create additional year-round employment opportunities in the future across the town.

Although there may be frustration at times, there is also a dynamic feel about the town. Thanks for being patient while we build a better Blackpool. I am sure that you will be delighted with the end result. It will be worth waiting for.

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